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2020VISION is an ambitious, UK-wide nature photography project. It aims to engage and enthuse a massive audience by using innovative visual media to convey the value of restoring our most important but often fragmented natural habitats - to show that healthy ecosystems are not just for wildlife, but are something fundamental to us all.


I have been involved in this project as a Young Champion, based in Cumbernauld. In particular I have enjoyed challenging the negative connotations associated with this urban environment, and opening peoples eyes to the fantastic diversity of greenspaces and nature reserves  that the town  has to offer.


During my time involved with the project I have photographed Cumbernauld's wilder areas, and the people and organisations who enjoy spending time in them. I have also organised and run an exhibition, given workshops and talks to a variety of groups and residents, written blog entries and articles for the local press, and assisted with the conservation work happening in and around the town along the way.


Some of the pictures I have contributed to the project are below. To find out more about the 2020VISION, click here.

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