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About me

I am a Scotland-based, nature-loving photographer, escaping into wild places with camera in hand as often as possible. I try to collect insightful images that reflect the diversity and beauty of nature that is close to home and accessible to us all.

I grew up in the beautiful Norfolk countryside where I spent my days searching every nook and cranny for the creepy crawlies that amaze me so much. I love looking at these stunning creatures close up. Every detail of their incredible designs fascinates me and never fails to deliver a sense of awe. All aspects of nature make me feel this way which is why I want to spend my life helping to protect this amazing world that we are so lucky to be a part of. My passion for photography has developed with my love for nature. Although the resultant images can never be a substitute for the true feelings experienced when we give our senses free reign to nature's wonders, I hope they reflect the amazing diversity and sheer beauty that is on our doorstep and there for all of us to admire and appreciate when we take a moment to look.

After some serious bouts of depression in 2013-2014, my journey as a photographer evolved into a wider exploration of connection, and the inherent links between our internal and external environments that influence connection with ourselves and the world around us. While photography still plays a role in how I explore the natural world, my journey has led me in an unexpected direction and diversified how I interact with, and also share with others, the natural world. My more current website can be viewed at

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