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I currently offer the following workshops for groups and organisations to book:


Nature Photography for Beginners

This workshop is for those who want to learn how to take a better picture. I teach basic techniques that can be applied regardless of your equipment; be it a camera phone or a professional DSLR. By applying these simple techniques to your photography, you will vastly improve the resultant images.


Intermediate Nature Photography: Getting off of the Automatic Setting

The next stage up, this workshop is for Bridge or DSLR camera users who find themselves stuck on the automatic setting. We will explore aperture priority and shutter priority modes with additional tips for successful images. By the end of the workshop you will have the confidence to move away from the automatic setting and start taking control of your images.


Training Group Leaders in Photography Techniques

This is an off-shoot of the Nature Photography for Beginners Workshop; using similar techniques, but with a focus on inclusion of people in images. With many organisations eager to capture photographs of their volunteers at work or other people-nature interactions, this is an ideal course for the staff involved. We will explore various techniques in capturing good-quality images that can be used for your organisation’s promotional material and social media. We will also discuss permissions and model release forms.


Using Photography Activities to Engage People with Nature

Adding a creative element to our view of nature, this workshop is perfect for getting people of all ages excited in interacting with the natural world around them. The activities are based upon various photography projects I have created over the past few years to increase the audience of people engaging with my work and being inspired by the natural world. These have been tried and tested time and time again to a very positive response. This workshop is recommended for any groups and organisations that would like to engage people from all backgrounds with nature in a fun and interactive way. Please note, cameras are not essential for this workshop, but use is welcomed if your group has access to them.



If you are interested in delivery of a workshop, please contact me for a quote.

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