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I currently offer the following presentations:


Using photography to Communicate the Importance of Nature in our Lives

A presentation exploring the importance of nature and how vital it is for our well-being, through the use of photography. Includes an overview of the amazing UK-wide 2020VISION initiative (click here for their website) and my involvement in this project.


Using Photography to Engage Young People with Nature

This presentation explores the importance of nature for our well-being with a focus on young people, including various engagement activities to capture imaginations and encourage interactions with the natural world. This presentation can be run as a practical workshop (see “Using Photography Activities to Engage People with Nature” on the workshop page).


Macro Photography: The Bigger Picture

This presentation provides an insight into the beautiful macro world around us and why the physically small components of our environment are hugely significant.


A Nature Photographer in Cumbernauld

This presentation focuses on my experiences of living in this Scottish New Town for three years and my journey discovering its natural beauty.



Presentations last 50 minutes and include a 10-minute slot for questions.

I am happy to tailor presentations to your requirements or theme.


Please contact me for a quote.

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