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Values Photography Project


Common Cause is an exciting initiative which addresses the important issue that fostering “intrinsic” values—among them self-acceptance, care for others, and concern for the natural world—has real and lasting benefits.


With this in mind, I have embarked upon a project with the aim of capturing images of intrinsic values that relate to positive experiences with the natural world. The aim is to establish a collection of powerful and thought-provoking images that allow us to connect with the subject material and enhance our understanding, perspectives and values.


As part of this project I ask individuals and groups to think about what they value with regards to their environment and the natural world. They then pick a particular value and we work together to capture it in a photoshoot session. Interpretation of images are subjective to each individual, so a variety of values may be identified by any given person viewing an image, and these may contrast between different people.As you view these images, I encourage you to pay attention to how they make you feel and what values speak to you. In addition, think about and identify aspects you value about the natural world. If you are interested in getting involved in this project, please contact me.


Click on any of the images below to see the portfolio of shots taken for that particular value.

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