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Taking a Closer Look... at Crocuses

It’s that time of year where Spring is fast approaching and plants are beginning to awaken. The snowdrops have already made their appearance, and it’s been a welcoming sight, seeing them dotted all over the city of Edinburgh. But now it is the crocuses time to shine. Check out a verge near you to see these beauties emerging in their masses. I headed out to explore Victoria Park for the first time, and was delighted to happen across a vast, colourful congregation.

I managed a few snaps of the bigger picture, but – as to be expected – it wasn’t long before the macro lens was attached and I was sprawled across the ground, much to the puzzlement of dogs and their people!

It’s so easy to get lost amongst the detail and forget about the surrounding world. But it was nice to emerge every-so-often and snap some people-nature shots, illustrating the beneficial impact of having access to natural treasures in urban settings.

To quote from one of my favourite films, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”. This is certainly the case for these small, delicate and undemanding flowers. They are pretty at first glance, but take a closer look and there is even more beauty to discover and admire.

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