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Day 29 - A wild dinner

After talking and reading about all things Elder-related at the herb study group last week, I haven’t been able to pass by these beautiful trees without my mouth watering. Being limited for time today, I decided my wild day activity would involve collecting some flowers during a journey along the cycle path and making fritters for my dinner – bonus because I have little food in my cupboards at present!

Although short on time, stopping part way along a cycle route I usually travel down at a reasonable speed allowed me a little time out from my busy schedule to properly tune in to the simplistic, undemanding beauty all around me. And there was something special about collecting my own food and taking only a small amount; just enough to cover what I needed without waste.

As advised in the books and by folklore, I asked for Mother Elder’s permission to take some of her flowers. Conveniently, a reply of silence apparently means “yes”, and by asking I will avoid the tree taking her revenge. Phew!

Back in the kitchen, I made a batter with gram flour, garam masala, salt and water, which I dipped the flowers into and fried. They were delicious, although it did feel slightly wrong turning something so beautiful, good and pure into a bad, unhealthy snack. Not wrong enough that I didn’t enjoy devouring them though!

I’ve always maintained that elderflowers are the taste of prettiness, and today’s dinner has strengthened my opinion on the subject.

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