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Spring Showers and Jewelled Flowers

There’s nothing quite like the morning sun breaking through clouds after a burst of refreshing springtime rain; presenting an illuminated world of tender young shoots and flowers elegantly adorned in sparkling swathes of delicate jewels. Stunning as it is observing this glittering world from a distance, it is equally – if not, even more – fascinating close up.

I recently enjoyed a walk in such conditions between Achmelvich and Lochinver during another visit up the far North West Highlands, and spent a good few hours delighting in the recently-emerged springtime flowers, that welcomed me further into my favourite season. Of all the flowers blooming in Scotland at this time of year, there is none quite as conspicuous and prevalent as the gorse. This thorny shrub explodes with festoons of bright yellow flowers which can’t help but grab attention. Needless to say, it was this plant that had me reaching for my camera soon into my wanderings.

As well as being visually pleasing, another aspect I love about water droplets on flowers is that in looking from particular angles, reflections of the surrounding habitat can be observed. This is a fun way of illustrating a plant’s home and how important it is for the survival of the individual flower on which the droplet clings.

In looking close, I came across some other inhabitants who would likely agree gorse is a beautiful plant… if only I could speak ant!

Continuing on my walk, I happened upon some shy wood sorrel, hiding amongst the birch trees. The presence of droplets enhanced the beauty and I gazed transfixed, losing myself for a while in admiration of the soft, subtle patterns, colours and details of this delicate flower.

There were so many other plants decorated by the rain, resulting in a variety of interesting effects and patterns…

Below is one of my favourites: can you see the green-bearded man?

And the heart-shaped droplet-outline seen through the petal of this primrose also caught my attention.

It wasn’t just plants either… this spider web caught rain drops that reflected the surroundings, creating alert, beady eyes!

Sometimes it is really wonderful living in a country that receives so much rain…!

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