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Day 2 - Snoozing with Swans

Day two of 30 Days Wild consisted of a bike ride to ForthQuarter Park after work to chill out with a beautiful couple who are to be graced with the patter of tiny webbed feet any day now.

Upon my arrival, Mr A. Swan* was busy with some home improvement DIY, overseen by a watchful eye of the missus.

As she dozed, he warned off all the unwanted attention of gathering crowds and canine interferences by puffing up and striding intimidatingly forward.

Once satisfied everything was in order, he settled down for a rest within sight of his beautiful partner, remaining alert to any disturbances and threats.

They were both accepting of my presence and I spent a wonderful hour sitting, watching them and observing their interactions with people and other wildlife, of which there was so much; swallows flitting overhead; goldfinches, chaffinches, blue tits and all manner of other little song birds darting between trees, singing away; and ducks, coots and moorhens dabbling about in the water. So many people who walked by paused for a while to enjoy the sight of the happy couple.

Amazingly, this area is part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) – aimed at reducing pollution in waterways by working with natural processes to break down pollutants. At the same time it provides a wildlife haven and somewhere for human residents to visit, unwind and enjoy time with their feathered neighbours.

I brought my 30 Days Wild wallchart with me, to fill in outside – in spirit of being true to the outdoors theme. I got part way through it, and realised it would be good to have some inspiration; but having deleted my email account from my phone in a bid to reduce screen time, I couldn’t pull up the 30 Days Wild email! Off I go now to finish filling it in before bed…

*I admit - in case you are questioning - that the name is made up, but you can tell male mute swans apart from females by the larger black knobbly bit at the base of his bill.

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