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Day 5 - Foraging for Food

I’ve had such an exciting evening attending a foraging walk. I never knew how many of the plants out there are edible, and to find such a variety and abundance in an urban area was amazing. Obviously with the population of dogs, one thing to watch is the location when foraging. We tended to browse from slopes!

I decided to take home a bunch of this (below), known as cleavers, goosegrass or sticky willy (which conjures fond childhood memories of trying to stick the stuff to the back of my sister’s clothing without her noticing!)

And tonight, I got creative in the kitchen. With my foraged foliage and random ingredients I happened to have, I made carrot and cleavers soup. I was advised to blend the cleavers, and found out the reason with an impatient pre-blend taster… the stuff is very chewy!

May look like green sludge, but it was amazing – testified by the licked-clean bowl.

Also it is evident I will never succeed at being a culinary photographer!

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