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Day 6 - Nature in the community

My bike and I braved the extreme wind today to attended an event in Leith Links called “Waggle Dance”, based on all things bee-related. It was a great reminder of how much good there is happening in society by such lovely people with a passion for positive action.

This community event had live music, a ceilidh, and held various stalls; one of my favourites being the seed bomb stall. Everyone had the opportunity to get their hands dirty making seed bombs, which at the end of the event were collectively thrown into an area of Leith Community Croft. There was also a pot luck food table of free food and drink contributed to by those attending. The beautiful feeling of community spirit and connection was so refreshing to witness. I spent many moments just looking around, soaking it in and enjoying the wonderful sights of laughter and enjoyment from both children and adults. I also briefly helped out on one of the crofting plots, transplanting and thinning some kale (those pulled up are to be part of my dinner tonight!).

It was one of those times where images are committed solely to memory, rather than being captured through a lens. I did take a quick snap (below) as the quote just summed up the afternoon beautifully.

After such wonderful nature-inspiring-people-time, the bike ride home provided for me refreshing downtime to soak in these happy feelings, enhanced further by the [much calmer] wind in my hair and stunning surroundings along the cycle path. By this time the sun had emerged, following a rainy start to the afternoon. Damp vegetation was illuminated, whilst shadows danced all around. I briefly stopped to get a quick capture… shadow patterns are definitely worth a share. They strikingly decorate paths, but are one of those things that can be easily overlooked. The video and image below give a small insight into my experiences during the afternoon cycle ride home.

20150606_CyclePathEdinburgh (8).jpg
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