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Days 7-10 - Nature walks, sketches and new arrivals

It’s been a super busy few days, hence a lack of blogging. I’m taking this window of opportunity for a quick update as I am off away to England at the weekend. So, first to get up to speed with the past few days. The afternoon of day 7 was spent leading a nature walk. I discovered a new (to me!) green place in the city and it was lovely sharing knowledge and discovering new information together. Day 8 was pretty packed but I put aside twenty minutes for a quiet moment on my lunch break; just me, a sketch pad and pencils, in the company of some posing daisies. It was lovely to have some calm amongst the chaos, although I discovered daisies are extremely hard to draw!

I spent a beautiful morning walking to work on day 9. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the flowers were stunning. It was also the perfect opportunity to admire shadows cast on the path (another positive of tarmac!). No camera but I took a few snaps on my phone.

And so for today. My plan was to spend the afternoon improving my plant identification skills. However, a brief detour to see the swans ended up in a 4.5 hour visit! Can you blame me, when this is what I happened upon?

These cute little balls of fluff hatched earlier today and they are so captivating. Many photographs were taken, but I also spent a huge chunk of time happily observing them. In the time spent there, most passers-by stopped in admiration, and I must have heard cooing over them in at least four different languages – the dialogue totally lost on me, but the sentiment perfectly understandable by the tone!

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