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Days 11-21 - A wild week (and a bit)

It’s been an incredibly busy time since I last wrote, but I have been enjoying taking time out for some wild moments each day.

I’ve been back to see the swans on a couple of occasions. I visited them very early in the morning the day after they hatched and was rewarded with the beautiful sight of their first swim.

It was great to see their personalities come out – two stayed in for about 10 minutes before retreating back to the nest with mum, while the third decided he was having far too much fun and stayed out with dad for the remainder of my stay.

I made another visit today, and they are getting much bigger and more coordinated. It’s amazing how fast they grow on the green weed their parents pull up for them from the murky depths, but they seem to love it. Maybe the secret to getting kids to eat their greens is having no alternative?!

It hasn’t just been swan time though. I’ve done all manner of things, some documented with the camera, others without. It’s been a nice balance to have; I always feel that it is essential to put the camera aside on some occasions to properly enjoy being in and at one with the moment.

Experiences have included: eating outdoors with colleagues; playing guitar by the river; walking a journey instead of getting a lift when visiting my family in England; sharing a moment outdoors with someone special (I’ll admit that one involved visiting the swans!); and swatting up on bird identification skills at the beach.

I’ve also found natural hearts in lupin flowers…

…heard a goldfinch singing in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow of all places, spotted him and enjoyed watching him between snapping a few pics…

…and spent time searching out wildlife thriving in the city centre of Edinburgh (Princes Street Gardens).

There’s plenty more on the agenda for the remaining week and a bit of 30 Days Wild. I’m looking forward to all the experiences still to come.

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